Class: Catalog

JNC.ProductCatalog. Catalog

new Catalog(options)

The Navionics Full Catalog showed on Map with product list and product items.

Name Type Description
options array | object optional

Some initialization options.

Name Type Description
container String

Selector for element container

url String

Data backend url

enabledProducts array | object optional

Option with set of enabled products with parameters description panel, button pannel and shop url (showDescription, showButtonPanel, url)

Name Type Default Description
product String

Product name. Acceptable products: 'Gold', 'HotMapsPlatinum', 'HotMapsPremium', 'NavionicsPlus', 'NavionicsUpdates', 'PlatinumPlus', 'SonarCharts'

showDescription Boolean true optional

Enable product description

showButtonPanel Boolean true optional

Enable bottom button panel

url String official url optional

Custom shop url

inNewWindow String true optional

Open product url in a new page

        var catalog1 = new JNC.ProductCatalog.Catalog({
            container: '#catalog',
            zoom: 0.8,
            navKey: '***'

        var catalog2 = new JNC.ProductCatalog.Catalog({
            container: '#catalog',
            zoom: 0.8,
            navKey: '***',
            enabledProducts: [
                { 'product': 'Gold'}, //Show all
                { 'product': 'HotMapsPlatinum', 'showDescription': false}, // dont' show the description
                { 'product': 'HotMapsPremium', 'showButtonPanel': false},  // don't show the button
                { 'product': 'NavionicsPlus', 'url': ''} //show all but the link have a different hendpoints