Class: LightCatalogProductViewer

JNC.Views. LightCatalogProductViewer

new LightCatalogProductViewer(options)

The Navionics Catalog showed on Map with product list.

Name Type Description
options array | object optional

Some initialization options.

Name Type Description
containerSelector String

Selector for element container

url String

Data backend url

mixed optional

Is possible to use the same properties og JNC.Views.Map or JNC.Views.BoatingNavionicsMap

      var productViewer = new JNC.Views.LightCatalogProductViewer({
                          containerSelector: '#test_map_div_4',
                          center: [ -102.797723, 41.051967 ],
                          zoom: 0.8,
                          url: ''
      var displayProductDescription = false;
      var getNowUrl = '';
      var openInNewPage= false;

      productViewer.showProduct('NavionicsPlus', displayProductDescription, getNowUrl,openInNewPage);



Name Type Default Description
isVisible Boolean true optional

Show or not buttons area

showProduct(product, showProductDescription, getNowUrl, showButtonArea, inNewWindow)

Name Type Default Description
product String

Product title/key

showProductDescription Boolean true optional

Show or not description

getNowUrl String false optional

The custom url of Shop to call when selected a product from the list

showButtonArea boolean true optional

Show/Hide the button area of component

inNewWindow boolean true optional

open the shop link in the same page